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MUSHROOM TAPA Organic oyster mushroom, soy, spices. 300g (5-6 servings). Php 390

MUSHROOM LONGGANIZA (gluten free) 10 pieces. 300 g. Organic oyster mushroom, shiitake, tofu, corn flour and natural spices. 10 pieces/pack. Contains no wheat. Php 390

MUSHROOM BURGER  5 pieces. 300 g. Organic oyster mushroom, shiitake, tofu, breadcrumbs, oatmeal and natural flavors and spices.  Php 390

MUSHROOM CALLOS (gluten free) organic oyster mushroom, tomato sauce, olives, roasted bellpepper, spices. 350 grams Php 390

FALAFEL (gluten free) chickpea, cilantro, ginger, herbs, sea salt. 10 pieces. 300 g. Php 390


FRUIT SEED AND NUT BALLS Flax, chia and sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, oats, dates, muscovado syrup, goji, cranberry, raisins, coconut oil, sea salt. 6 pieces.  Php 140

CHOCO PISTACHIO BALLS Pistachios, almonds, cashews, cocoa powder, coconut oil, muscovado syrup. 6 pieces.   Php 140

ENERGY DATE BALLS   Dates, cashews, almonds, flax, dried fruits, muscovado syrup, sea salt. 6 pieces. Php 140

GLUTEN FREE LENTIL CHIPS BASIL  Hand-rolled lentil flour and rice flour chips flavored with Basil. 100 grams.  Php 130

GLUTEN FREE LENTIL CHIPS SESAME CHIA AND FLAX Hand-rolled lentil flour and rice flour chips. 100 grams. Php 130

BERRY HEALTHY GRANOLA Oats, cacao butter, coconut sugar, blueberry, cranberry, almonds, raisins, goji berry, walnuts, vanilla and sea salt. 200 grams   Php 230

RICE COOKER PACKS  – Just add water and cook, serves 4 to 6 people

RISOTTO RICE PACK  Arborio rice, porcini, shiitake and oyster mushroom, herbs.   Php 350

BIRYANI RICE PACK Organic brown rice, shiitake and organic oyster mushrooms, home-made spice mix, whole spices, dried herbs.   Php 350


MUSHROOM SISIG TAPENADE Organic mushrooms, calamansi, coco aminos, olives, spices in olive oil.   Php 350

VEGAN BAGOONG Mushroom and bean based bagoong with lots of garlic , spices in olive oil. 250 g   Php 300

GREEN OLIVE SALSA MONJA (gluten free) Tangy and salty olives, capers, gherkins and garlic smothered in a paste of blended olives, spices and gluten free bread. 250 g. Php 350

BLACK OLIVE & PESTO Organic basil and chopped black olives in olive oil. 250g Php 350

VEGAN PATIS salt, seaweed, spices.  100ml.  (please refrigerate) Php 130


GLUTEN FREE BROWNIES with CASHEW – Php 120 / piece      Php 1,500 for a box (24 pcs)