Mushroom Tapenade (250g)
Organic mushrooms, calamansi, coco aminos, olives, spices in olive oil.  — 360

Green Olive Salsa Monja (250g)
Tangy and salty olives, capers, gherkins and garlic smothered in a paste of blended olives, spices and gluten free bread. — 360

Black Olive & Basil Pesto (250g)
Organic basil and chopped black olives in olive oil — 360

Putanesca Sauce (250g) — 360

Vegan Bagoong (250g)
Mushroom and bean based bagoong with lots of garlic , spices in olive oil. — 330

Vegan Patis (100mL)
Salt, seaweed, spices — 150

CHIPS | Vegan

Lentil Basil Chips (100g) — 140
Chia Sesame Lentil Chips  (100g) — 140


Sisig (300g) —  400

Tapa (300g)
Organic oyster mushroom, soy, spices. 300g (5-6 servings) —  400

Longganiza (300g, 10 pcs.) | No wheat
Organic oyster mushroom, shiitake, tofu, corn flour and natural spices. —  400

Mushroom Burger (300g, 5 pcs.)
Organic oyster mushroom, shiitake, tofu, breadcrumbs, oatmeal and natural flavors and spices. —  400

Callos (350g)
Organic oyster mushroom, tomato sauce, olives, roasted bellpepper, spices. — 400

Falafel (300g, 10pcs.)
Chickpea, cilantro, ginger, herbs, sea salt. — 400


Very Berry Granola Oats
Oats, cacao butter, coconut sugar, blueberry, cranberry, almonds, raisins, goji berry, walnuts, vanilla and sea salt. — 250

Fruit Seed & Nut Balls (6 pcs.)
Flax, chia and sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, oats, dates, muscovado syrup, goji, cranberry, raisins, coconut oil, sea salt. — 150

Energy Date Balls (6 pcs.)
Dates, cashews, almonds, flax, dried fruits, muscovado syrup, sea salt. 150

Choco Pistachio
Pistachios, almonds, cashews, cocoa powder, coconut oil, muscovado syrup — 150

Choco Coco Paleo | Keto-friendly — 180

RICE COOKER PACKS (Serves 4-6 people) | Vegan  

Arborio Mushroom Risotto
Arborio rice, porcini, shiitake and oyster mushroom, herbs.350

Biryani Rice
Organic brown rice, shiitake and organic oyster mushrooms, home-made spice mix, whole spices, dried herbs.350