Cancer and Inflammation Protocols

LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE ! Let these wise words of Hippocrates ring true!

We believe that anyone with cancer or any auto-immune disease can benefit from eating clean (through the THRIVE vegan or vegetarian ketogenic program) as well as using alternative therapies and protocols. Working together with our doctors at Mindworks to restart you on the road to TRUE HEALTH and WELLNESS. Our meal programs and curated protocols can work in tandem with the following:

1.) Individuals undergoing conventional treatment of chemo and radiation

2.) Individuals that have tried chemo and radiation and experienced a recurrence.

3.) For those that refuse conventional treatment and opt for alternative protocols.



1.) Promote Apoptosis or cancer cell death using various protocols – A proper Ketogenic diet can deprive cancer cells of glucose and promote cell death. We also offer, together with our partner doctors other protocols such as Protocel, Laetrile, Boswellic acid, Cesium Chloride with DMSO and RSO.

2.) Detoxifying the body – Therapeutic grade Glutathione drip to clean the liver and allow it to function optimally to cleanse the body of toxins. Coffee enemas and colonics.

3.) Building up the immune system –  Vitamin C infusions, Sunbathing (vitamin D) and probiotics.

3.) Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness – Meditation, yoga, exercise and other practices that promote self-reflection. We also offer once a year Amazon tea ceremonies for those searching for very deep self actualisation and answers.

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